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Do you remember when you were free to go outside? I just saw the news when our President tells us to rush into quarantine now since there is no control over burglars and infected anymore. This pandemic is more dangerous than COVID-19. You die or turn into one of those monsters in seconds after being touched by an infected. Actually, I lost my key to the basement somewhere around here... and I can hear several people entering my house. I must be quick, packing as fast as possible, and finding my goddamn key...


- Press WASD to move
- Press E or RMB to interact/equip
- Press 1-9 to choose item
- Press Shift+WASD to run
- Press Space to jump
- Press LMB to use/attack


Art by

Dilber Singh
Miloš "DeinVenteD" Manojlović
MP "jdgamerex" Abinash

Music and SFX by
Vitor Amado

Concept & Level Design by
Hoai Nam "Hei" Tran

Programming by
Robert "Taigi100" Cazacu
Andrew "KennyKyle" Tkach


GetPackedOrGetRekt.zip 211 MB


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Very well done! I really like the look of the game! The graphics and the lighting are both very nicely done! The animation of the burglars was also pretty smooth and the music really adds to the vibe of the game! In the beginning I had a hard time figuring out what to do, but eventually I got both the bad and the good ending! If I had to suggest a feature that would make a slight improvement to this game, it would be like a simple push mechanic or something. Simply because I got stuck a couple times between a wall and an enemy and the only thing I could do was wait until he killed me. But besides that, really great game! Awesome work! (Btw the burglar spawning did jumpscare me haha!)

haha I could not find the key but this was fun to play. The forks were a nice touch.

Starts at 1:05

Thank you for playing!